South Phoenix Promise Neighborhood

Education & Activities

Field of Dreams

The South Phoenix Promise Neighborhood (SPPN) is committed to providing young people with out of school experiences, spiritually enriching activities and educational opportunities that present a loving and caring atmosphere of achievement, interest, trust and engagement with other youth and committed mentors. Mentors serve as tutors, conduct bible study and assist with homework. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 3p – 6p.

Safe Play and Healthy Eating

The SPPN provides children and youth with a safe play space and a community garden as an intentional endeavor to increase their physical activity and access to locally grown healthy food. Our safe play space and community garden is a collectively impactful collaboration with mentors, volunteers, stakeholders and partners which holds promise for transformational leadership, teamwork and critical prevention efforts such as life skills and socialization for children, youth and families. Studies have shown that safe play spaces promote physical activity and wellness in communities. Activities include baseball, gardening, walking clubs and recreation. 

Love Thy Neighbor Mentoring Alliance (LTNMA)

The LTNMA is a group of committed volunteers and practitioners working in tandem to build community through a three-tiered mentoring model which focuses on 1) children 2) families and 3) communities. Funded by a public foundation the LTNMA is comprised of members that are committed to sharing their time, talent and treasure to engage community residents through health, wellness and community advocacy. The model is designed to galvanize the assets, engage the community, develop trust and instill a sense of ownership and acceptance. 

Become a Mentor, Tutor, Coach, or Garden Mentor at our South Phoenix Promise Neighborhood and transform the life of a child.

To schedule a visit of our programs located at First Pentecostal Church Community Center – 2709 E Marguerite Ave., Phoenix, Arizona 85040 and see all that we offer please contact the South Phoenix Program Manager, Jeff McGee, at 602-578-5670 or email Jeff.

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