Palomino Promise Neighborhood

Building relationships with the Phoenix PD.

The Palomino Neighborhood is located in northeast Phoenix with Greenway Rd. to Bell the north and south borders and 32nd St. and Cavecreek Rd. as east and west borders.  This square mile is known for all the wrong reasons:

  • 250% higher crime rate than surrounding neighborhoods;
  • drug related crime is 5 times higher than in surrounding neighborhoods;
  • 3 gangs actively recruiting new members;
  • high poverty rate (Palomino Elementary School is a Title 1 school);
  • low school performance

MentorKids is partnering with local churches, businesses, and organizations to provide youth with a hope in the future through a variety of mentoring opportunities.

One-to-One Mentoring

MentorKids creates and sustains one-to-one mentoring relationships within Palomino.  Mentors spend time with mentees at least twice a month doing all sorts of activities: community service, youth gardening, sports, skills building, and much more!  Join the Palomino Promise Neighborhood by becoming a mentor today.  

After School Program

MentorKids runs a no cost After School Program for 30 children in grades 1 – 3 who attend Palomino Primary School.  Because of the work of our dedicated volunteers and talented staff we've seen the following impact:

  • – 100% of students demonstrated measurable Spiritual and Character growth
  • – 100% of students increased one or more reading level
  • – 100% daily homework completion
  • – 95% of students have demonstrated improved behavior (as reported by parents)

Become a Reading Buddy, Tutor or Classroom Mentor today!!

Parent English Language Learner Class (ELL)

We've launched an ELL Class for the parents of the children in the Palomino After School Program.  Twice a week (Tues. and Thurs.) 10 parents sharpen their English skills in a fun and interactive class.  Help these motivated adults learn English today!!

MentorKids USA Promise Neighborhoods

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