I would Like a Mentor for My Child

We are currently only matching children who reside in our Promise Neighborhoods.  If you reside in one of our Promise Neighborhoods please read through the Parent FAQs before requesting an application.  

South Phoenix Promise Neighborhood

Located in South Phoenix on the campuses of First Pentecostal Church and Brooks Community School.  Neighborhood boundaries are Broadway to Roeser and 24th St. to 32nd St.  More information.

Palomino Promise Neighborhood

Located in northeast Phoenix.  North/south boundaries: Bell to Greenway.  East/West boundaries: 32nd St. to Cave Creek.  More information.

Parent FAQs

1.  How often will the Mentor see my child?

Mentors commit to meeting with their mentees two or more times per month.  

2.  How do they spend their time together?

Mentors and mentees explore interesting activities that fall into five categories:

Building a friendship

Having fun

Skill building and educational development

Spiritual wholeness

Community service

Depending on your child’s interest, they might go horseback riding or hiking.  Perhaps your child’s mentor will take time to teach a new skill like woodworking or car maintenance.  Often the activities are simple in nature, like a bike ride on a sunny afternoon or playing catch at the park. Sometimes mentors assist their kids with homework.  Mentors often invite their young friends to church activities.  The match also participates together in community service.  A mentor’s goal is to expose his or her mentee to new possibilities that encourage personal growth.

3.  What will it cost to provide a mentor for my child?

There is no cost to you.  MentorKids is a 501©3 nonprofit, supported by friends of the ministry.  Mentors budget a modest amount to cover monthly activity costs.  However, if you have the means, contributing to your child’s activity costs is greatly appreciated.

4.   How can I be sure my child will be safe with his/her mentor?

MentorKids USA mentors undergo rigorous screening that includes mentor training, a lengthy application, a thorough personal interview, four references, a complete criminal background check, and a home visit.  MentorKids’ number one priority is your child’s safety.  If at anytime you feel uncomfortable or concerned about the mentor, you are urged to contact your mentor coordinator immediately.

5. What are some of the services provided by MentorKids USA?

In addition to ongoing match support, MentorKids USA provides a variety of fun group activities: horseback riding, summer camp, professional sports events and theatre tickets

6.  What if my child doesn't like his/her Mentor?

Your mentor coordinator will work diligently to provide the best possible mentor for your child.  Location, mutual interests, and personality types are considered in this process.  It may take a few weeks before the friendship stabilizes so it’s in everyone’s best interest to be patient and give the relationship time to grow.  However, if after a reasonable length of time your child is not connecting with his or her mentor, the mentor coordinator will meet with you to determine the best course of action.

7.  What if there are other problems?

The mentor coordinator is there to oversee the relationship and render assistance whenever needed and should be contacted if any concerns should arise.

8.  What happens after the one-year commitment is over?

Your mentor coordinator will meet with the match to discuss future options.  If both parties are interested, the match may continue indefinitely.  Mentees are allowed to stay in the program until their 21st birthday.

9.  What other services can I count on from my child's mentor? 

The mentor is strictly a friend to your child.  They guide by example and unconditional love.  They’re not equipped to provide counseling or other professional services to the child or to the child’s family.  Should a need develop, your mentor coordinator will make appropriate referrals.
10.  Can I get mentors for all my children?

MentorKids strives to match all eligible children within the family.  While we can’t promise to find a suitable mentor for each child, we will make every effort to meet the need.

If you live in a Promise Neighborhood and would like to request an application for your child, please call us at 480-767-6707 or fill out the request form below.

To request a Youth Application please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible. You may also call 480-767-6707 with questions or to follow up on your child's application.

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