Diane and Tati

Diane and Tatiana (Tati) recently celebrated their 6 year anniversary of being matched as mentor and mentee through MentorKids USA.  They were matched when Tati was 10 years old.  A lot has changed over the 6 years but one thing remains the same: they enjoy spending time together regularly. 

Due to life changes over time, Tati now lives a good distance from Diane; however, they haven't let this challenge stop them from continuing to meet as often as possible. Diane makes it a point to make it a quality meeting.  She is proud of Tati for having overcome several challenges in her personal life.  Over the last 6 years Diane has watched her grow and mature into a young lady who is now driving and doing very well in school (has even earned college credits). 

Tati, currently a Junior in high school, has a goal of attending college and becoming a teacher.  She admires her mentor because there's never a sad moment, she is always happy, and she always encourages her.

When asked if they would like to continue meeting for a 7th year, they both said, "Yes!" with big smiles!!  

Congratulations, Diane and Tatiana!! 

Cindy and Kim

Would you like to have a mentoring relationship that literally changes the course of a life?  Listen to what two veterans of mentoring have to say about why their relationship has lasted over 5 years. 

Cindy (mentor)

Let go of expectations.  Your mentee will grow at her/his own pace.  Don't focus on changing your mentee.  Your role is to be supportive, God will do the rest.

Find a pace and style that works for you.  Find your mentoring "rhythm" and enjoy it.  Don't compare yourself to other matches…each match is different.  Do what works for you and your mentee. 

Accept your mentee for who she/he is. 

Be patient with yourself. 

The simple activities are many times the best. 

Kim (mentee)

Listen to what the other person has to say. 

Never give up.

Be there for each other.

Be patient with your mentee…don't force her/him to open up. 

Kim is currently 18 years old and plans to attend school to become a Vet Tech after she graduates high school.  Cindy, her mentor, describes her as a generous and caring person.  Kim says that Cindy has helped her grow in her relationship with Jesus and she now has a desire to spend time in God's Word. 

We wish Cindy and Kim all the best!!

Adam/Brandi and Mamoud/Rosie

Amidst the gusts of wind on a breezy Sunday afternoon in the end of May, mentors Adam and Brandi were married. Their mentees, Mamoud and Rosie prepared the way for the bride in their roles as ring bearer and flower girl. Mamoud wore his tux so proudly you would have thought he was the one to be married and Rosie was beautifully adorned in her red dress with her hair expertly styled by Toni and Guy (family business).

Adam was a mentor in the first mentoring group at Phoenix Christian Unified Schools. When he graduated, he wanted to keep mentoring so he was matched with Mamoud, a boy who came here from Liberia with his family to escape the dangers of the civil war in his country. They have now been matched for almost two years. Brandi met Mamoud and heard a lot about Adam’s mentoring experiences with Mamoud and she decided that she wanted to mentor too. So Brandi and Rosie were matched last September. Both of these mentees have really enjoyed there times with their mentors. There have been a lot of highlights throughout the year but having an honored place in the wedding tops them all.


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